hotspots of awesometown – fika at gildas rum

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tschena awesomes! we all know it. waking up on sundays, feeling like you’ve slept about 3 hours at most. maybe a little hangover taking the toll for the appreciation of the liquid gold. nothing useful to make out of such a day. nothing? not essentially. there’s no better cure for hangovers than a relaxed walk out in the fresh air. so today, exactly one of these sundays, me and my pals paul and luca decided to explore the awesomeness of stockholm’s young and slightly hipsterish-modern in-district södermalm. more precisely we walked around in an area called sofa which is supposed […]

M-I-A-T spotify playlists – northern black

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can you imagine life without music? well i can’t. for me every mood longs for a particular soundtrack. so many situations are experienced differently if accompanied by the right music. so many memories are somehow also related to a specific song. that’s why i started putting together these soundtracks for my life in the form of of spotify-playlists. so here’s my first M-I-A-T playlist called „northern black“. the name refers to my current love for black music since i’ve been living up here in the north of good old europe. you can listen to the playlist on spotify by clicking […]

spreading awesomeness in moscow – part 3

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Добрый день ladies and gentlemen! here’s the final chapter of my journey to moscow. i used my last day there to chill a bit with my girl and enjoy our great talks and wonderful moments while exploring the culinary offerings of russia… i’ll be back with new trips and adventures soon. big promise. stay awesome – xoxo  

spreading awesomeness in moscow – part 1

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hey folks like i mentioned earlier last weekend i went to moscow to visit my girl. besides a wonderful reunion and an amazing time with the lady going right to the stomache of the sleeping giant was also kind of an adventure for me. but see for yourself. so here’s part one of mission „spreading awesomeness in russia“… more to come soon! so stay tuned… XOXO

may i introduce to you…mrs. awesome

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hejhej from stockholm everyone! i know it’s been a while and i’m really sorry for letting you wait so long for an update but i’m sure after this post you will understand why i wasn’t able to keep in touch that much the last week. but before we start…i feel it’s about time you get to know me a little better. not too long ago this beautiful creature entered into my life…