The Awesome Threesome – Week 21/2014

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1. THE WEEKND – WICKED GAMES This is probably one of my all-time favorite songs. For all of you who still don’t know THE WEEKND, it’s about time to change that! It comes as no surprise that The Weeknd’s musical talent has often been compared to the one of Michael Jackson. The goosebumps  you’ll get of Abel’s voice will immediately cast their spell on you. And while the dirty minded lyrics will cherish your imagination, sooner than you think you’ll find yourself drifting on the vibe of the relaxed yet battering beats. Seriously guys, this is the kind of music […]

The Awesome Grid – 25/05/14

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sunday – 25 may 2014 – vienna – 24° C ZANEROBE frames button down shirt | | COS – black round neck t-shirt | | MTWTFSS WEEKDAY – black acid shorts | | CONVERSE – chuck taylor high tops | | CALVANEO 1583 – defcon watch | | RAY BAN – original wayfarer black shades | | ZANEROBE – tote bag

The Awesome Threesome – Week 20/2014

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1. KIM CESARION – I LOVE THIS LIFE With my first pick this week straight out of stockholm i’m bringing to you sweden’s probably biggest r’n’b / pop star at the moment. kim cesarion caught everyone’s attention a couple of months ago with his debut single „undressed“ which climbed up chart ladders all around the world pretty quickly. the follow up „i love this life“ is yet another smash hit. but check it out yourself and there’ll be absolutely no chance to get that chorus out of your head any time soon. The perfect song to get you into a good […]

Awesome Travels – Tai O

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TAI O / LANTAU ISLAND / HONGKONG I’m a person with a  lot of hobbies. One of them is photography. Another one is traveling. The outcome of combining the two is gonna be another new category on my blog. Every now and then i’m gonna share some of the photos i’ve been taking in all the different beautiful places this planet has to offer and that i have been privileged to visit. Peace!    

The Awesome Threesome – Week 19/2014

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Music television has lost all credibility selling our need for musical entertainment and education out to the demands of mass media. So instead of numbing your brain with shockingly petty tv shows scripted at the intellectual level of an averagely educated banana and getting your nerves wrecked by mercilessly repetitive advertisements for the most unnecessary things on earth, FOLLOW MY BLOG and indulge yourself with my WEEKLY MUSIC RECOMMENDATIONS. STAY AWESOME. 1. SAM SMITH – STAY WITH ME My absolute favorite of this week comes from Sam Smith who recently caught everyone’s attention with his smash hit „money on my mind“. „Stay with me“ […]

Art of Awesome – Bandana Over the Roofs

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A beautiful spring day in Vienna. Finally the time to wear short sleeves is around. This look is built all around one of my all time favorites from ZANEROBE, the bandana short sleeve shirt. Its slightly washed out bandana print combined with a great cut and superior quality make it a unique masterpiece. With it, to create a relaxed street style, i wear a simple, oversized looking white tee and a pair of skinny jeans with knee pads to add some rock’n’roll. Never forget to roll up the legs to give your ankles some room to breath. Last but not […]

The Awesome Threesome – Week 18/2014

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Once again I’d like to present to you my three songs of the week. 1. DIPLO – REVOLUTION (FT. FAUSTIX & IMANOS AND KAI) This song was my soundtrack of the week. I kind of stumbled upon it and instantly fell in love with its energy. No matter whether you’re trying to get into club mood or just walk through your city with your headphones on, this song will make you feel like you have superpowers. The recipe is a not new, yet well done combination of a catchy melodic vocal build-up, leading into an intense in-your-face deep house part, […]

Art of Awesome – Camo Crush

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Another sunny spring day. Another one of my favourite spring outfits. This look features my amazing copper camo sureshot chinos from ZANEROBE’S „hypenation“ collection and the „LIEBE“ jumper by JESUS CRYSD which i’d probably call one of viennas most promising streetwear labels. I think when wearing camo pants as a guy you have to be especially careful to choose a model that doesn’t look cheap, childish or too extreme. Zanerobe’s copper camos feature the signature sureshot cut with the drop crotch, slim legs and ankle cuffs. This rad cut combined with the slightly worn out jungle camo pattern make these […]