The Awesome Threesome – Week 24/2014

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1. TAKING BACK SUNDAY – WE WERE YOUNGER THEN Wrecking my head by studying too much always makes me want to go back to my youth. Checking some of my youth heroes‘ spotify i found out that TBS just released a new record. This is my favorite song off that record. It’s an outstandingly powerful track pairing the typical taking back sunday emo/rock with 90’s stadium rock elements. And as chance would have it the song is also about looking back, inevitably questioning where we are going and what we are becoming. However, no matter how you feel, one minute into this song […]

The Awesome Threesome – Week 23/2014

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1. KAROL CONKA – BOA NOITE Has anybody heard the unbelievably pathetic, embarrassing and simply awful official world-cup-anthems terrorizing people’s ears all around the world recently? Well, forget all of them. Just in time for the world cup i found the perfect substitute. Roaring out of Brazil Karol Conka is not only a local artist, her song „boa noite“ just carries so much true brazilian spirit and heartblood in it, that it’s practically predestined to be the soundtrack of urban street football all around the world. And although i found it surprisingly entertaining to see Pitbull dressed up like a square, mid-life-crisis […]

The Awesome Threesome – Week 22/2014

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1. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE & MICHAEL JACKSON – LOVE NEVER FELT SO GOOD If there’s one person who deserves to be called the new king of pop it’s JT. Incredibly funky beats and a hyper-positve vibe make this the feel-good-song of the year. Turn this track on when you walk through your city on a sunny spring day listening to music on your headphones, cause this is the kind of music that will put a smile on your face instantly, giving you that feeling like you wanna do Michael Jackson dancemoves in public. Website – Justin Timberlake 2. BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH – WALLS FALL […]