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„Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.“ (Viktor E. Frankl) What way do you choose for yourself? I love long walks through the surprisingly different areas of my hometown. It’s a great opportunity to discover new places, let one’s mind wander and find inspiration in one’s surroundings. These pics were taken by my talented buddy Julian, owner of the viennese streetwear brand jesus crysd at vienna’s new central train station I’M WEARING TIGER OF SWEDEN slouchy hoody  //  H&M bomber jacket  //  ZANEROBE flintlock tee  // […]

Dandy Scandy

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One thing i took with me from sweden was my love for woolen garments during winter time. They keep you warm and can look exceptionally elegant, especially when combined with the right shirt. The woolen blazer is one of my winter essentials and perfect for both casual as well as more elegant looks always adding just the right dose of scandy style to an outfit. I’M WEARING SAMSØE & SAMSØE wool blazer  ||  SAMSØE & SAMSØE stefan jeans  ||  WHYRED shirt  ||  H&M sweather  ||  SAMSØE & SAMSØE beanie  ||  H&M gloves  ||  CLARKS boots    

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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    Today is christmas, a holiday to share and celebrate with your loved ones and i think it’s also a good opportunity to call to our minds that not everyone has the privilege to live in safe and sound surroundings like us. Truth is that we talk about fashion while in other regions of the very same planet people have to worry about how to survive. We laugh and spend quality with our loved ones while somewhere else at the same time there are people who just lost their whole family or other dear ones, due to acts of […]

Hat Game

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To be honest i was rather reluctant to add a hat to my wardrobe and quite frankly it’s still not something i wear every day. Yet with certain outfits i have to admit it can look really great. So the main reason why hats became increasingly popular also in contemporary men’s fashion is that they add something artsy to your look. They make you feel a little bit like a musician, writer or painter – a feeling i absolutely embrace as due to my new job i spend more time in a suit than in my bed recently. Nonetheless i think it’s […]

Jesus Crysd – Print Tees

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Part 2 of my feature on vienna-based streetwear label JESUS CRYSD is all about print tees. With a trend for simplicity and minimalism in contemporary fashion it can be difficult to find print tees that fit in. The rad thing about JESUS CRYSD’s t-shirt designs is that they are rather versatile. Wether it is a simple tee with a subtle yet original message block on the front, a futuristic in-your-face text print or a rebellious symbol that speaks for itself you will find it all in JC’s most recent range. Below i picked my favorites all held in simple black […]

Cool and Classy

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Ever had a formal appointment where a suit is not obligatory but still requires a bit of dressing up? The obvious choice for such occasions is probably a blazer. However wearing a blazer can easily end up in looking like a snobby conservative square. But it absolutely doesn’t have to. During my time in Stockholm i learned that combined in the right way a blazer can actually look really cool, while it still conveys a certain sense of elegance. Of course creating a cool blazer look starts by picking the right blazer. Make sure it fits rather slim. Besides that […]

Jesus Crysd – BLVCK

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Vienna based streetwear label JESUS CRYSD is about to release its new F/W 2014 collection and i was lucky enough to get a little sneak peak on the new styles. Part 1/2 of my JESUS CRYSD feature is all about the super awesome „BLVCK“ sweater. Personally i think this is the key piece of the upcoming collection. The sweater will be available in black as well as in white with a simple, yet distinctively rad print on the front and the JESUS CRYSD logo between the shoulders on the back. Besides its killer design this sweater convinced me with a supersoft fabric […]