All White

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„Just let your dreams be your pilot, your imagination your fuel, Tear up the book and write your own damn rules, Use all that heart, hope and soul that you’ve got, And the love and the rage that you feel in your gut“ (The King Blues) Have you ever wondered what happened to the dreams we used to have when we were children, to the imagination and carefreeness of your youth, to our adolescent hopes for a bright future. Growing up comes with certain necessities and tough challenges. And yet it also comes with chances and great opportunities. Yes, maybe we won’t […]

Into the Sunset

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have you ever experienced the beauty and peacefulness of watching a sunset above the roofs of the city? if not you definitely missed out on something. with all the overwhelming impressions of our everyday life sometimes it feels so great to escape for a little while, look at the sky and think. think about what’s good in your life. think about the ones you love. think about things in your life you want to change. ultimately letting all the stress, worries and fears drift away into the sunset. almost sounds a little cheesy. but it works. just try it out […]

Light Denim

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Spring is officially here and what beautiful weather it brought us this weekend! I completely forgot how good it feels to sit in the sun with just a t-shirt on and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. The days are finally getting longer again and you can literally see the relief on people’s faces. Springvibes are in the air (btw i finally took the time to create a playlist for the new season on spotify which you can find HERE). For fashion the upcoming warmer time of the year means a comeback of lighter colors. As you […]

An Afternoon at the Museum

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  The other day me and my brother from another mother Paul decided to step up our culture game. Living in Vienna it would be a shame to not seize the vast cultural offer this city provides. So we went to see the „Ludwig goes Pop“ exhibition at MUMOK (museum of modern art) Vienna. To be honest i have no clear opinion on pop art yet. However the good thing about it is that it’s relatively „light fare“. That said i’d definitely recommend a visit to MUMOK. If you’re open to modern and a little more lets call it „freaky“ art, the […]

Wear It Like Beckham

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While i always preferred Zidane over Beckham as a football player i liked David Beckham especially for the style icon and inspiration he was and still is for thousands of youngsters and nowadays also men around the world. Last week i dropped by the H&M „Selected by David Beckham“ pre-shopping event here in vienna to take a look at Beck’s favorite items from H&M’s SS2015 collection (you can find some video coverage of the event by my girl sophiehearts here). The „Selected by David Beckham“ campaign features a variety of modern essentials slightly influenced by british fashion. No matter what the occasion […]

Le Rouge Noble

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Pardon my french but it somehow fits the attitude of this look. Being a full-time suit made me quite reluctant to wearing the suit’n’tie also in my way-too-rare spare time. Nonetheless some occasions require a certain sense of elegance. So why not dare a little something and do it the artsy way. The modern gent is noble but raw, passionate but gentile, ambitious but artsy, sophisticated but laid-back. Fashion gives you the chance to combine and express the different hearts beating inside your chest. So don’t be afraid of letting your inner creativity influence your style. At the end of the day […]

Jump the Fences

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Our daily routine sometimes can seem like a cage with our responsibilities as the ward making sure we don’t break out. Don’t you also sometimes have the feeling to jump the fences we and our mind has built for ourselves. Maybe we should dare to take a step out of our comfort zones a little more often and take a look at what else is out there for us. This outfit expresses the audacity we need to rethink our ways every now and then. NANA JUDY, one of my major recent brand discoveries represents exactly this kind of attitude. I think it’s safe to say that […]

Whiten your Wardrobe

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A couple of sunny days and WHITE is ON! Personally i think think the key to a great spring/summer look in 2015 is to find the right combination of black and white. Black as a symbol of rebellion against a status quo and people with minds closed to the ideas of others. White as the symbol of positivity, light and hope for a bright future. As you see black and white complement each other perfectly. Keept them balanced and express your mind and soul through your personal style. This look certainly lays the focus on white elements which are perfectly […]