All Black Everything

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All black suits every occasion. Whether you’re off to a day in the city, out for a drink with the guys, on a date or partying at a night club with a look like this you’re always on the safe side. A pair of slim black jeans combined with a premium quality tee with a cool cut. The one I’m wearing on the pictures is from TIGER OF SWEDEN and one of my favorite tees for going out as it features a rad oversized and loose fit while at the same time it creates a nice silhouette and underlines your figure. Another […]

Weekend Walks

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The sun is back to Vienna and it’s the perfect time for a relaxed spring weekend. One item that seemingly never runs out of fashion is the denim shirt. For the warmer time of the year I’m a big fan of light colored denim shirts worn over a white slightly oversized tee shirt. The one you see on the pictures is from STRELLSON and is particularly cool because of it’s vintage cut and details. Recently i really like the combination of light blue, white and green. Hence i decided to complete the look with a pair of green worn out […]


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Last weekend my lady and I went to Amsterdam for a little city trip. It was my first time traveling there and I immediately fell in love with this incredibly beautiful, cool and charming city. Of course I also took some pictures and notes of my favorite places in order to compile a brief little Amsterdam-essentials guide for you. However, keep in mind that as i have only spent one weekend in Amsterdam, this is rather meant as a collection of recommendations of my favorite spots and places for you than as a comprehensive travel-guide. 1. Hotel As the weekend also was a birthday present […]

The Grand

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Last weekend the lady and I went to Amsterdam. I will provide you with details on our little city trip later on this week, so stay tuned! However, this post was shot right in front of our beautiful hotel, the SOFITEL LEGEND THE GRAND AMSTERDAM, a magic place with a long and rich history. Over the centuries it went from being a convent to royal lodging to dutch admiralty headquarters to the city hall of Amsterdam. Hence, with a background that imposing i needed to put together an outfit that finds the right balance between the youthful modernism of Amsterdam […]


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The long weekend ahead is the perfect opportunity to relax and forget about the stress of everyday life. Personally spending some time in the nature always calms me down and helps me to recharge my batteries which is bitterly necessary for the challenges at work and life in general. Like in previous years this spring/summer season brings back colorful all-over prints often inspired by nature. I’m a huge fan of flower prints like you can see on the pics as they express a certain sense of positivity and happiness by adding some colors to your life. On the pics i wear […]


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Two souls are dwelling inside my chest. The one very structured and ambitous, eager to achieve my goals and eventually do something meaningful, creating additional value for society. The other, creative and dreamy, naively holding on to a certain romanticism of my youth and driven by a rebellious yet big and warm heart with a perpetual will to stand out and not let myself being dictated by the alleged necessities of social establishment. Although sometimes i’m literally torn and somewhat lost by the war these two opposites fight inside of me, i think at the end of the day this […]

Double Denim

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Denim is absolutely trending this spring. It almost seems as you can’t wear enough of it. So don’t be afraid of rocking a pair of blue jeans together with a denim jacket or denim shirt. Just make sure the blue tones match. A pair of chucks is the obvious and classic choice to top off the ultimate denim style. Further denim gives you a great opportunity to individualize your look. Wether you customize your jeans by adding some rips for a worn-out used look or you spice up your denim jacket with a bunch of patches or buttons, with a bit of creativity […]

The Dean

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Sometimes the simplest looks are the best. Being around for more than half a century wearing blue jeans with a white t-shirt and a nice leather jacket never lost it’s magic. Vary the blue of the jeans, wear it with rips or without, roll up the legs, but no matter what this outfit will always look cool. Growing up with rock music this is the one look i could always identify myself with and still can. Simple. Honest. Awesome. Wear it like a rock star and let your imagination drift away in rock’n’roll romance. A look that deserves to be called an all-time-classic making it an essential in every wardrobe. On the pictures i wore it […]

Urban Safari

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Put on your camo! We’re going on an urban safari. Every year just in time for spring/summer season camouflage returns to the world of fashion with a persistence which is somewhat surprising. This relaxed weekend outfit shows a way to smoothly include camo into your everyday look. Personally i prefer to wear my camo gear with simple, mostly black outfits in order to avoid overloading the look with different patterns and colors. Further this outfit shows the versatility of jogger pants which do not necessarily always have to be worn with sneakers but also look great with a pair of […]