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The time when marble was reserved for poshing up the bathrooms and entrance halls of rich people’s houses has finally come to an end. This season the marble pattern has finally made its way into the world of fashion. One of my latest purchases, the marble tee, has quickly become one of my current favorites. With its subtle and classy pattern it is a great basic and easy to combine. Further it looks rad in a monochromatic look like on the pictures. This premium streetwear look certainly convinces with its simplicity and comfort, making it a great choice for a […]

Let’s be Rockstars

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Have you ever imagined standing on a stage in front of a crowd going crazy, screaming and cheering for you and the songs you play for them. Back in my teen years and actually until not too long ago, this dream kept following me persistently. And while I made music myself basically throughout my whole youth, writing my own songs, playing in bands or solo, I never quite managed to make the next step. Nevertheless I’d never want to miss the experience of playing in front of a few hundred people some of which actually singing along your own songs, […]

Black & Blue

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I always find it somewhat recreating to look down on a city from up on a rooftop. From up here the the pulsating life down on the streets seems so far away. Time to take a deep breath, appreciate life and enjoy freedom. I could be up here for hours just letting my thoughts drift away in the blue of the sky. The perfect place to get some new perspectives on things, reflect on life in general or current situations. This basically all black outfit becomes something special through its details. The signature piece is certainly my COOLS sweat, which never goes […]


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  Style has no limits. The other week I went hiking with the lady in the tyrollean alps. After quite an exhausting hike up to our cabin I was simply amazed by the breathtaking view. But not only the landscapes made this trip an incredible experience. The fresh air and the calm up there helped me recharge my batteries while the warm sun on my skin felt like balm on my soul. I can only recommend doing nature trips like this every now and then. Although I tried not paying too much attention to my phone or any other distractions of […]

Shadow Tan

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A pair of tan chinos should be part of every man’s summer wardrobe. Personally i love wearing it combined with a white top and white sneakers in order to create a relaxed by classy look which can be worn both for an afternoon at the park, a grill party with the homies or going for a drink to a bar. The cuffed legs on the one in this outfit provide extra opportunities to adapt to the muggy heat. With their relaxed fit these pants are a great variant to add some street style to your outfit while still keeping it classy. Ultimately […]

The Swede

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The simplicity and modesty of northern elegance paired with a seemingly natural intuition for upcoming and contemporary urban streetwear trends are key elements of the world wide success of Swedish fashion. Living in Stockholm for half a year I was really impressed by the style awareness and great taste of the people living there. Now that I’ve moved back to Vienna I sometimes really miss the trendy boutiques and fashionable shops selling all my favorite Swedish brands. Luckily I recently stumbled across FASHIONISLAND.SE, a Stockholm-based online shop featuring a superb selection of Scandinavian and International brands which makes shopping the latest Scandinavian trends really easy and comfortable. As a bonus also provides […]


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This week I’m taking the ZANEROBE movement to vienna. For years now I’ve been in love with this brand and its innovative urban street style. Initially starting out as a surf brand evolving out of a bet over the last years Zanerobe has developed into a global streetwear institution. Taking a closer look at the outfit especially the ripped low blow jeans are a true eye catcher and one of my favorite pair of jeans this summer. Thin legs combined with a dropped crotch and rips around the knees make this an essential in every laid-back summer outfit. Styled with an […]


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The heat is on in vienna at the moment. Temperatures are slowly but steadily climbing above 30 degrees celsius and air moisture makes this town (or at least public transport) feel a bit like an urban jungle. Luckily i got exactly the right look to jump onto these tropical vibes. The key piece in this look is certainly my new tropical print short sleeved shirt by RIVER ISLAND which fits my current mood perfectly. It goes nicely with a pair of dark denim and my worn out chukkas. Last but not least the details take this outfit to a whole […]