The Jeans Jogger by PRPS Jeans

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  Outfit: The Jeans Jogger by PRPS Jeans This outfit is yet another good example for the versatility of denim garments. In this rather sporty approach to wearing denim, you see me wearing my new jeans joggers by the New York based brand PRPS Jeans. PRPS are the first american designers bringing denim jeans from Japan, a country known among denim enthusiasts for its thriving jeans industry, to the US. Featuring an awesome vintage wash and an extremely comfortable fit narrowing down into a cuffed leg, these premium quality pants combine the best of jogger pants and denim fabric into one streetwear […]

Riverside Sunsets

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Outfit: Street Chic This is another example of that street chic style I love to sport lately. Smart, young, cool and creative it brings together urban street style with a slightly classier attire. This outfit combines four in my opinion crucial attributes for good style. Minimalist elegance meets an audacious rocky twist. The hat emphasizes the image of the creative mind, the musician, the artist, raw but vulnerable, confident but sensitive. Location: River Yarra, Melbourne We took these pictures during my visit to Melbourne, which quickly became one of my favorite cities in the world. That one night we were on the lookout for a nice restaurant and decided […]

Meanwhile in Sydney: Glebe Markets

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Explore the real Sydney – A Saturday at Glebe Markets One thing I’ve particularly enjoyed about living in Sydney were the numerous weekend markets. Every weekend many of Sydney’s neighborhoods host a market for the local communities. Besides the famous Rocks Markets which are very popular amongst tourists and expats I really enjoyed hanging out at the Glebe Markets in Sydney’s Inner West. To be honest I’ve never really considered myself a big markets-fan. Actually it was always more my girlfriend that dragged me along to markets in pretty much every city we visited. However, in Sydney it was different. Sure, […]


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Sydneysider Over the last couple of months Sydney has really become a second home to me. From beautiful beaches and national parks, over modern architecture and urban life to vibrant and hip streets full with heaps of cool shops, cafes and restaurants. This city definitely offers a lifestyle that in my opinion is unbeaten around the globe. This city has helped me to find a new perspective and its style, diversity, flair and creativity were a massive inspiration for me. It really feels as if I’ve become a true Sydneysider. This casual yet classy street look picks up a lot of […]

Distressed Summer Look

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Distressed Summer Look After weeks of traveling through island paradises, tropical rainforests and stunning beaches I still felt pretty happy to return to my beloved aussie-hometown Sydney. However, coming back to Sydney certainly didn’t mean leaving behind the beach vibes. For a relaxed day at Palm Beach in Sydney’s far north I decided to rock this heavily distressed easy-going summer look by aussie streetwear label THE PEOPLE VS. The rips and cuts bring in a worn out look that goes perfectly with the laid back Sydney surf lifestyle. What i love about this outfit is that it really looks as if […]

Newtown Etiquette

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The Newtown Etiquette Everyday surroundings have a strong influence on people’s style. Just have a look around the different districts of your city and you will realize how different the way of dressing can be and how some areas seem to at the same time attract, develop, influence a specific kind of style. Also for me, my local environment is a big source of inspiration. Over the last three months I had the pleasure to live in Newtown, which is probably Sydney’s hippest and trendiest neighborhood at the moment. Living in Newtown I enjoyed heaps of cool cafes, restaurants and bars as […]

Looking back on my year 2015

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Today is the first day of the new year and it’s time for a little review of what happened in my life in 2015. For me 2015 was a year full of new experiences and lessons learned. However this past year was also a period of transition with a lot of uncertainties especially regarding my professional future. Career After graduating from Uni I finally started working full time as an associate at a law firm that I had already worked for as a part time research assistant the previous four years in December 2014. Thus at the beginning of 2015 I found […]