Souvenir Jackets: A Major Streetwear Trend This Season

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Trend Alert: Souvenir Jackets – Definitely One of the Most Significant Trends in Streetwear at the Moment I had the pleasure to take a look at the Diesel Pre-Fall 16 Collection to present you my two favorite looks from the new range. One piece that immediately caught my attention was this deep blue japanese souvenir jacket. Souvenir jacket’s are probably the most significant jacket trend in men’s streetwear this summer. As I think for a good reason. Their bomber-jacket-like fit makes them versatile, sporty and classy at the same time. The shimmering fabrics bring in just a dash of luxury while the […]

My Creative Workspace as a Blogger and Coffee Enthusiast

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My Creative Workspace: A Blogger’s Homeoffice While I’m frequently sharing the outcome of my creative work with you, I rarely offer insights into the process of putting together a blog post including my personal creative workspace. So this post is all about showing you my workplace as a self-employed blogger. Upfront I have to admit, that although I try to keep my desk as tidy as possible, things can get quite chaotic at times. Lover of the Light When I furnished my room I immediately knew where to put my work corner. Located right at the window, I get quite a lot of […]

Headphones: Five Things To Keep In Mind

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Headphones: Absolute Travel Essentials Long days, perfect weather and summer vibes all over, now’s the perfect time for a city trip. I just returned from a long weekend in Porto and am already in the middle of planning some more trips for this summer. However, no matter where I go, I always have my headphones with me. Traveling is just so much better with the right soundtrack. But not all headphones are a reliable travel companion. So here are five things about headphones you should keep in mind before you buy your next pair. Five Things to Keep in Mind when Buying […]

Brave the Rain with Style with the Peak Performance Functional Urbanwear Collection

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Outfit: Braving the Rain with Functional Urbanwear by Peak Performance Outside it’s pouring rain but that certainly doesn’t mean we should be staying inside. On the contrary I actually love walking around in the warm summer rain. However, already my former football coach told me that there is no wrong weather, only wrong clothes. And who said functional or rain wear can’t look cool? My latest discovery is this awesomely neat raincoat from the latest Peak Performance urbanwear range. This functional carcoat comes in minimalistic design and due to its super resilient GoreTex fabric is waterproof and breathable at the same time. Another huge advantage is, that […]

Outfit: Han Kjobenhavn x Teva Sandals & H&M Denim Twinsy

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Socks & Sandals featuring Han Kjobenhavn x Teva Sandals and H&M Denim Twinsy I admit I had my doubts on this summer’s revival of the  sandal, but then one of my favorite danish brands, Han Kjobenhavn came forward with a unique collaboration with sandal and outdoor manufacturer Teva. While Teva contributes the more functional, outdoor sort of side to the common project, Han Kjobenhavn adds innovative scandinavian design aesthetics. The outcome definitely speaks for itself although I understand it also polarizes to some extent. And although not too long ago it was considered an absolute no-go to sport white socks with sandals, in […]

Outfit: Colmar Summer Down Jacket – Futuristic Materials meet Classy Design

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Outfit: Futuristic & Classy – The Summer Down Jacket by Colmar Forget all you knew about down jackets. This mesh biker jacket with super light weight down feather paddings is the perfect example that with a bit of creative design work, down jackets can actually look really cool. Accentuated detailing and an innovative mix of techy materials provides for a classy yet futuristic look. Colorwise the olive green harmonizes goes perfectly with the black ripped jeans , which add a bit of modern grunge and the white tee. Complete the outfit with a pair white sneakers to keep it casual. Last but not […]

Sony Xperia X Skate Contest at MQ Wien

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Last week the lovely people of Warda Network invited me to try out the new camera features of the Sony Xperia X at a Skate Contest powered by Sony at MQ Vienna. As a former skateboarding enthusiast, of course I couldn’t turn down the offer and immediately felt as if I was taken back in time to my younger days, when I spent hours and hours watching skate videos, playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and ultimately also trying to pull of the tricks I had seen my heros do. To be honest, I was never a particularily talented skater and so I […]

Outfit: Return of the Hawaiian Shirt

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Outfit: Return of the Hawaiian Shirt | Summer Vibes with Tropical Prints, Chunky Sunnies and Pink Contrasts Summer has arrived and with it we see a revival of tropical prints and more colorful outfits. One thing you should definitely have on your list this summer is a cool hawaiian shirt or tropical print shirt as others like to call it. Last week I went on a little city trip to Berlin with a couple of friends and since the weather was great, we decided to chill a bit at Tempelhofer Feld, a former airport/airfield which was turned into a recreational […]

Outfit: NEUW Ripped Jeans, White T-Shirt and Viparo Leather Biker Jacket

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Biker Jacket Street Style for Summer: NEUW Ripped Jeans, White T-Shirts and Viparo Leather Biker Jacket The best looks are usually the simplest ones. This style has been around for ages, without ever going out of fashion. Blue Ripped Jeans, a white t-shirt and a leather biker jacket. Pure, raw and rebellious. An easy look that comes in edgy and with a strong attitude. Originating from mid-20th century working class, this style has long become a true icon of the fashion industry and pop culture in general. For a fresh casual summer kind of style pair your light blue denims with some crisp white kicks and roll up […]

Urban Gaming in Vienna | Wien jagt Mister X

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Last week I took part in the famous chase for Mr. X (Wien jagt Mister X) hosted by Wiener Linien. 55 Teams of three people each swarmed out all across Vienna’s public transport system to locate and ultimately catch the mysterious Mister X, Miss U and Mister W. When I got asked if I wanted to participate in the „Wien jagt Mister X“ game I first really didn’t know what to expect. To be honest to me it sounded a bit like a scavenger hunt. However, I’ve been interested in trying out some urban games here in Vienna for a while and I’m […]