Inline Skating in Vienna with K2

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Leisure Update – Inline Skating in Vienna I have to admit it’s been a while since I last stood on inline skates. To be precise, it must have been about 15 years ago when I used to play inline hockey in front of my parents’ house together with my friends. Luckily the lovely lads from K2 called me up and asked me to try out their newest pair of skates. So finally, after 15 years I got to cruise on inline skates again. And after a few minutes of accustoming to the feeling of standing on rolls again, the fun […]

H&M STUDIO Autumn Winter 2016 Collection Men Outfit Meanwhile in Awesometown Austrian Mens Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

H&M STUDIO Autumn Winter 2016 Collection – The Power of Nostalgia

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H&M STUDIO Autumn Winter 2016 – Making Your Grandpa’s Wardrobe Cool Again Last week I showed you a first look from the H&M STUDIO Autumn Winter 2016 Collection which is going to drop early September. This week I’m back with another one exclusive sneak peak at the H&M STUDIO Autumn Winter 2016 Collection. Once again the outfit is heavily influenced by its strong retro-chic vibe. The classy coat with its distinct springhalt pattern clearly comes with a strong vintage character. For an elegant yet nonchalant style I like to wear it with a pair of thick woolen cropped chinos and a loose tee […]

Outfit Tiger of Sweden Autumn Winter Collection Illuster Bomber Jacket Meanwhile in Awesometown Austrian Mens Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Introducing my Favorite Brands: Tiger of Sweden AW 2016 Collection Pt. 1

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Introducing my favorite fashion brands: Tiger Of Sweden AW 2016 Collection People often ask me what brands I like to wear. Although in general I’d say fashion is more about the style than the brand, of course, there are some brands out there, which I particularly like, mostly because they fit my style and taste and never let me down with their new designs and looks. Such brand and hence certainly among my favorites is Tiger of Sweden. Looking back on a history of more than 100 years the brand originally founded in Sweden has won me over with its cutting edge and innovative cuts paired with […]

Outfit: All Grey with Samsoe & Samsoe

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Outfit: All Grey Elegance With Edge with Samsoe & Samsoe I see people sporting all black and all white looks a lot. Going all grey on the other hand, in my opinion is still highly underrated, which I think is quite surprising. Great looks super-clean, it’s elegant but not too posh, it’s basic but not boring. Last but not least grey is very neutral and thus easy to combine. So with fall coming closer quickly, keep in mind that grey might be a great alternative to the usual black or white in your wardrobe. The look on the pictures is very minimalistic but does not […]

Summerville Festival in Wiesen with Jack Daniel’s

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A Day at the Summerville Festival in Wiesen Last weekend the missus and I visited Summerville Festival in Wiesen with Jack Daniel’s. For me it was a return to a place I have some awesome memories of back from my youth days. But also from a musical side, the line-up with Damien Rice, Peter Doherty, Ben Caplan and Olympique to name some of the highlights looked quite promising. Just as we arrived at the festival campus around three in the afternoon the sun broke through the clouds and spoilt us with perfect festival weather. Thus we decided to relax a bit at the […]

H&M Studio AW16 Mens Mensfashion and LIfestyle Blogger Meanwhile in Awesometown Outfitpost

Outfit: H&M Studio AW16 Collection – Highlights for Men

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Introducing H&M Studio AW16 Men’s Highlights Time flies by and autumn is coming closer really quickly, particularly in fashion. Just recently H&M has announced its new AW16 Studio Collection will drop early September. As a little sneak peak I will introduce my four favorite looks for men from the new H&M Studio AW16 collection here on the blog over the upcoming weeks. From what I’ve seen the new studio collection takes us on a journey back in time to a nostalgic retro-chic style. My first look centers around this beautiful boxy wool jacket. For a sophisticated french-inspired style I like to […]

Outfit: Old School Street Look

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Streetstyle Classic – Keep it Old School Revival of the 90’s – Return of the Old School Style I’ve teamed up with Zalando to present you one of my key street looks at the moment. When it comes to streetwear, we see a strong revival of the old school look and with it some trends you might still remember from the nineties. Beefy Bomber jackets, Oversized Tees, Mid-Blue Jeans and of course a pair of Vans with white tennis socks. I love this style because in one way or another has been accompanying me since my youth. With it’s strong […]

outfit minimalist elegance and northern coolness wearing samsoe samsoe and apc paris meanwhile in awesometown austrian mens fashion and style blogger

Outfit: Minimalist Elegance & Northern Coolness

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Minimalist Elegance & Northern Coolness wearing Samsoe & Samsoe and A.P.C. Paris One of my favorite styles these days is all about minimalist aesthetics. Clean lines meet simplistic design and a good dose of northern coolness. The core of the outfit are a pair of navy blue suit trousers with cropped legs and a light striped sweater with a slightly wider round neck both by one of my favorite danish brands Samsoe & Samsoe. The logical match to a look like this are a pair of classy white sneaks (here by Gant). Finally the look is completed by probably one of […]

The new Audi A5 & S5 – Taking Audi’s new Coupés for a spin in Northern Portugal

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The new Audi A5 & S5 – I Tested Audi’s new Coupés on the Streets of Northern Portugal Two weeks ago the new Audi A5 & S5 coupés were released. Already in advance I had taken both of these cars for a spin on the streets of Northern Portugal to get a first impression of Audi’s highly anticipated new Coupés. Modernized design with more edge: The right combination of sporty coolness and elegance The new design comes along more dynamic and athlethic and particularily the renewed front is a true eyecatcher. Through a broader and lower grill and an elongated bonnet […]

Cozy Couple Dinner at Home with Foodora

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Cozy Couple Dinner at Home Just like in any other job, life as a self-employed blogger can get pretty hectic and exhausting sometimes – an uncompromising truth also the missus and I had to find out about. Appointments with clients, evening-events, photoshoots and creating content for our blogs in combination with our permanent connection to the online world keeps us busy 24/7. Despite the exciting and fun parts about being out and about a lot, the downside is that the time we have just for ourselves and our relationship can become quite rare. Thus it’s even more important to actively take little timeouts […]