Nik Pichler Blogger Portrait The Different States of "With" Berlin Meanwhile in Awesometown and Sophiehearts5

Blogger Portrait – Faces of „WITH“ by Nik Pichler

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Blogger Portrait with Nik Pichler in Berlin – Different States of „WITH“ A couple of weeks ago the Missus & I accompanied the Austrian reflection artist & photographer Nik Pichler to Berlin, where he told us he was shooting pictures for his upcoming Exhibition at art What we didn’t know was, what our part in all of this would be. However this kind of spontaneity & uncertainty made the project even more exciting for us. When we met Nik in Berlin he explained to us that he would like to take some special pictures of us which were a bit different than our usual outfit […]

Fall Trends for Men – Casual Camel Coat Street Style

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Fall Trends for Men – A Casual Way to Wear a Camel Coat Time to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall. But no need to get sad. On the contrary, don’t forget we finally get to layer up and wear coats and jackets again. So in case you’re still looking for a little inspiration to update your fall wardrobe I put together an awesome transitional outfit for early Autumn days featuring some of the major fall trends for men. Year after year, an absolute highlight among fall trends for men is the camel coat (ESPRIT). It’s classy, timeless, versatile and gives your style the […]

qbo coffee kaffeemobil coffee to go Meanwhile in Awesometown Outfit Red Alpha Industries Bomber Jacket Austrian Mens Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Male Blogger.jpg

Qbo Kaffeemobil – Individualized Coffee to Go on the Streets of Vienna

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Qbo Kaffeemobil on the Streets of Vienna – Create your Own Coffee To Go Enjoying your individualized cup of coffee also on the go is the dream of every coffee fanatic and thanks to the Qbo Kaffeemobil now actually possible here in Vienna. To celebrate this coffee innovation, you can now win your own Qbo coffee machine. How? Find out below! Life in the city is exciting and fast. There’s always something going on, always something to do. I wouldn’t want to miss it anymore. However, it can get quite tiring at times. That’s why, when you look around, you’ll see heaps of […]

Diesel #forsuccessfulliving campaing think bold outfit black and white by Meanwhile in Awesometown Austrian Mens Fashion and LIfestyle Blogger Modeblogger9

Diesel #forsuccessfulliving Campaign – Rule #1 THINK BOLD!

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Think Bold! – Rule #1 One of the new Diesel #forsuccessfulliving campaign The first and foremost rule of the new Diesel #forsuccessfulliving campaign challenges you to think bold! In times where more and more people seem to embrace conformism, indifference and apathy it’s more important than ever to set a sign and don’t swim with the current. So dare to be different, don’t let others tell you what you can or cannot do and stay true to yourself. Think bold, because mediocracy is not an option. I’m wearing an exaggerated oversized sweater with elongated sleeves & a pair of stretchy royal indigo […]

Champion Sports and Urbanwear New Collection Champion Sweater Neuw Denim Ripped Jeans Meanwhile in Awesometown Austrian Mens Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Trend Alert: Champion – 90s Sports Sports and Streetwear

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Champion is Back – The Revival of 90s Sports & Streetwear Champion has made it’s comeback to the stage of fashion big time. With their new sports and streetwear collection the legendary US-brand has matched the current trend for a return of the 90s streetstyle perfectly and sparked a hype among urbanwear enthusiasts all around the globe. Banking on their patented reverse weave technology, modernized versions of their legendary fits and fresh colorways, Champion came forward with a top notch collection of 90s inspired sports- and streetwear must-haves. Of course there wouldn’t be a hype without limited availability and so it can […]

Making Of Manhattan Portage Black Label Campaign Video with Nik Pichler_ Meanwhile in Awesometown_Austrian Men's Fashion and Style Blogger

Making Of: New Manhattan Portage Campaign Video with Nik Pichler in New York

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Shooting new Campaign Video for Manhattan Portage in New York with Nik Pichler As you may have seen on my Instagram, Snapchat (@manuel_miat) and Facebook a couple of weeks back I visited the city that never sleeps, New York, a couple of weeks ago. The Austrian Artist, Director and Photographer Nik Pichler had invited me to take part in a commercial he was producing in New York for the Soho-based bag brand Manhattan Portage. Looking back on more than 30 years of history, Manhattan Portage is actually a quite legendary brand, particularly in the US & Asia. If you take […]

A Clean and Refreshing Shave with Gillette_Gillette Body 5 Razor_Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill Razor_Meanwhile in Awesometown_Austrian Mens Fashion and Style Blogger

80s Gigolo Style – Freshen Up with the Perfect Shave

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Fresh & Cool – A Modern Take on the 80tri Gigolo Style Keep it fresh and cool with the perfect shave! Ideal for these last hot days of summer this look is defined by mediterranean nonchalance and retro-chic extravaganza. Loose fit suit pants meet a super light japanese flower print shirt for that special 80s inspired coolness. Matching the Gigolo-Vibe of the outfit I like to wear the shirt casually half-open, showing some skin on the chest. However especially when it’s hot outside and we allow deeper „insights“ I think a clean shave both on chest and chin is as much an important part of an […]

Wine Red Suit by Selected Homme with Zalando_Meanwhile in Awesometown_Austrian Mens Fashion and Style Blogger

How to wear a Red Suit – Menswear Trends with Zalando

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Men’s Fashion Trends: Red Suit Season with Zalando I teamed up with my friends at Zalando to present you some of the current trends in men’s fashion. Just like in previous years also this fall we see a return of wine red & burgundy as a trend color. Dark red tones symbolize a deep strength and a kind of warm, invigorating elegance we like to wrap ourselves in during the colder months of the year. Furthermore it is also a very determined and passionate color that stands for clear focus and strong will. Thus it comes as no surprise more […]

One night in Paris with Adidas Originals

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One Night in Paris – We visited the city of love with Adidas Originals The title (almost) says it all. Last week our friends from Adidas Originals invited us on a short trip to spend one night in Paris and visit a secret launch party for their new NMD series. We headed out early on Thursday. As soon as we arrived at the Hyatt Regency hotel, which was also the HQ of the Adidas Originals NMD-Party Crew for that weekend, the sneaker spotting had begun. No matter where we looked walking through the lobby, waiting in front of the hotel, […]

How to Style Tailored Shorts Samsoe & Samsoe Outfit by Meanwhile in Awesometown Men's Fashion and Style Blogger from Austria

How to Style Tailored Shorts in a Classy & Relaxed Late-Summer Outfit

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How to style Tailored Shorts – Late-Summer Attire with Samsoe & Samsoe I think we all agree that summer goes by way to quickly. However, I really love late summer days, since they are usually a bit less hot & humid yet still pleasantly warm and sunny. And just as the weather is indulging us it also gives us a chance to rock our summer attire a few more times before we wrap ourselves in woolen coats and turtlenecks. So let’s chuck in another outfit with shorts. Feel like I didn’t show you enough of these anyways. Here’s how to style tailored shorts in […]