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Fitness Updates mit Fokus auf Home- und Outdoortraining unter Anleitung von Vitura Personal Training Wann ist der beste Zeitpunkt um an der Strandfigur zu arbeiten? Ihr ahnt es vermutlich schon: genau jetzt. In Form zu kommen, fit zu werden und letztendlich auch äußerlich Resultate zu merken, ist ein langwieriger Prozess, der eine Menge an Anstrengung, Motivation und Disziplin erfordert. Deshalb mache ich dieses Jahr Nägel mit Köpfen und warte nicht erst bis zu den Neujahrsvorsätzen, um meine Sportroutine auf Vordermann zu bringen. Funktionales Training > Discopumpen Mindestens genauso wichtig wie der äußerliche Effekt ist mir am Sport jedoch auch das subjektive […]

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Der „Marais Street-Chic“ Look

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Outfit: Pariser Street-Chic trifft auf Skandinavischen Minimalismus Ich hoffe ihr genießt alle gerade ein gemütliches Wochenende. Passend zum entspannten Wochenendmodus, habe ich euch hier einen super alltagstauglichen Look zusammengestellt, der sich durch eine interessante Mischung aus French Street-Chic und skandinavischem Minimalismus auszeichnet. Inspiriert durch die Eindrücke des hippen Pariser Stadtteils Le Marais, lebt dieses Outfit vor allem von dem schlichten aber unverkennbaren Sweater von Ami Paris, der gleichzeitig auch eines meiner allerliebsten Kleidungsstücke im Moment ist. In Kombination mit der boxig geschnittenen Wolljacke und den klassischen Jeans, wirkt der look lässig und dennoch schick. Ein weiteres Highlight des Outfits sind definitiv die blauen Ledersneakers mit der weißen […]

Stylish Beards on the Streets of Vienna with Braun_Wear a beard as an accessory_Meanwhile in Awesometown_Austrian Mens Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Beard as an Accessory – Stylish Beards on the Streets of Vienna

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On the Hunt for the Most Stylish Beards on the Streets of Vienna As some of you might have seen on my Instagram & Snapchat stories, last week my photographer buddy Max Salzer and I browsed through the streets of Vienna to find the city’s most stylish beards. For our friends and beard styling experts over at Braun we tried to find young men that rock their beards as an accessory to enhance their style. While a lot of men still don’t realize the potential that lies in well groomed facial hair, we found the ones that turned their beards into statements. Some subtler, some […]

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H&M Close The Loop Collection – Denim on Denim Street Look

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Outfit: Raw Denim Street Look wearing H&M Close The Loop Recycled Denim Here’s yet another denim street look combining pieces from the H&M Close The Loop campaign, a full scale denim collection made from recycled clothes, with one of my all-time favorite pair of jeans from NEUW Denim. The key concept behind this raw style is to make it look not too planned or thought through. Instead this look is all about dressing down and looking a bit messy. The thick hoodie & the oversized denim jacket come along quite comfy and laid-back, while the jeans with the heavy rips make the whole style look a little […]

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The Perfect High Top Sneakers for Autumn by Camel Active

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New Sneaker-Discovery: Camel Active Cocoon High Tops As a true sneakerhead I love wearing sneakers all around the year. While I prefer low-tops in summer, I’m a big fan of high-top Trainers during the colder months of the year. My recent discovery are these beautiful all-white leather trainers by CAMEL ACTIVE. With their distinct 3D-design along the shaft and the soft leather shell, these kicks provide a sense of luxury to almost any outfit. Furthermore, due to their robust sole and the breathable, cushioned footbed these sneakers do not only provide the perfect look they also offer maximum comfort in wearing them. While CAMEL ACTIVE is widely known for its outdoor- […]

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Kenzo x H&M – Exclusive Sneak Peek

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Kenzo x H&M – Exclusive Sneak Peek of H&M’s Latest Designer Collaboration The wait is almost over, Kenzo x H&M will be impacting November 3rd. Some of you might have already seen the previews H&M published of its latest and highly anticipated designer collaboration with the french fashion giant. With only two weeks left until the release, the hype is building up massively all around the globe. Last night the official Kenzo x H&M party went down in New York and celebrities weren’t shy to show up. Together with my friends at H&M Austria I’m excited to give you an exclusive little […]

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Three Ways to Wear a Suit – Mix & Match with Tiger of Sweden

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Mix & Match – Three Ways to Wear A Suit with Tiger of Sweden A well fitting suit is as essential for every modern man’s wardrobe as it is hard to find. Even if you’re not working in a job that requires business attire, you should still have at least one nice suit for certain occasions. For people who don’t need suits in many different colors, my suggestion always is to get a classic slim-fit navy suit. A well fitting navy suit works for almost any occasion that requires classy attire. From the office, over fancy dinners to weddings and other formal events, […]


Jack and Jones Jeans Intelligence Studio Opening at Europark Salzburg

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First Jack and Jones Jeans Intelligence Studio Concept Store Opened at Europark Salzburg Last Thursday I visited the opening of the first Jack and Jones Jeans Intelligence Studio worldwide at Europark Salzburg. With this top notch concept store the danish fashion giants finally transformed their long established denim expertise into a physical establishment. Since the company’s beginnings, Jeans Intelligence has been a cornerstone of its success story. Consequently, the expectations on the Jack and Jones‘ first denim concept store were high. Furthermore, the Jack and Jones Jeans Intelligence Studio really demonstrates the brand’s massive potential. While in Austria Jack and Jones is often falsely reduced to print tees and mainstream designs, […]

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Fall Essentials for Men from the new Peek & Cloppenburg Online Shop

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The New Peek & Cloppenburg Online Shop is Online – Great Assortment, Maximum Convenience Peek & Cloppenburg, the german fashion house with long-standing tradition as one of the biggest players in retail, has finally launched its very own online shop in Austria at As a little appetizer I had the pleasure to try out the new online shop carrying more than 20.000 products from over 300 brands to present you some selected fall essentials for men. Personally I’m a big fan of shopping my clothes online. It’s more convenient, I don’t get influenced by over-attentive shopping consultants and I can comfortably try out my selected items […]

H&M Close The Loop Campaing Denim Collection Made from Recycled Clothes Outfit by Meanwhile in Awesometown Mens Fashion and Lifestyle Blog 7

H&M Close The Loop – A Complete Collection Made From Recycled Clothes

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H&M Close The Loop – Contemporary Denim Styles Entirely Made From Recycled Clothes The new H&M Close The Loop campaign, a denim collection made fully out of recycled clothes is dropping online today. For over three years H&M has been collecting old clothes, that their customers‘ could bring to any H&M store around the world in return for a little voucher. According to media reports by doing so the company managed to collect more than 14000 tonnes of unwanted clothes. This widely successful initiative resulted in the release of two complete collections entirely made of recycled clothes in fall 2015. Now H&M […]