Braving the Rain

14. September 2014

If you live in central or northern europe you will be no stranger to the sometimes rather changeable weather. The last couple of days in vienna were quite rainy and cool. And unlike the years before i was totally happy about it. The reason is simple. Some weeks ago i went to Stockholm and finally bought this extremely nice STUTTERHEIM raincoat i had wanted for a long time. Forget everything you know about rainwear. Forget the unnecessarily stupid looking gore-tex, velcro and reflectors that make you look like a misunderstood carnival version of a character from the movie tron. Stutterheim’s classy raincoats finally bring back the joy to rainy weather. Their plain and simple yet phenomenal design is based on the original raincoats worn by generations of swedish fishermen. Handmade in sweden the Stutterheim coats are of outstanding quality and genuine style that will leave you never needing nor wanting another raincoat again. There’s a saying in Austria that there is no bad weather, only bad apparel. No more frustration about wet weather, no more reluctance to go outside into the rain. Once you’re wrapped in your Stutterheim coat it’s time to embrace the melancholy of rainy weather. I could dwell in my fascination for these pieces of brilliance for hours but instead just see for yourself.











TOP: STUTTERHEIM – Stockholm Blå Coat || SCOTCH & SODA – Lot 22 Recycled Denim Knit || SCOTCH & SODA  – Bleeched Denim Shirt || BEYOND RETRO – Beanie

BOTTOM: LEE – Cain Skinny Jeans || Nike – Roshe Run Hyperfuse QS

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Andrea Kuprian-Farcher 2. Juni 2014 at 18:32

Echt cool der Stutterheim.
Echt fesch mein Sohn!

Yuda 9. Januar 2019 at 23:05

I also want to buy one of those, but I want to be able to wear it over a suit. I’m 182 cm and 66 kg; I wear a size S for almost everything. However, my size S coats are perfect for wearing over shirts and pullovers, but too tight (in the sleeves) to wear over a suit. Do you think I should buy a size S for the Stutterheim Stockholm or should I size up to M? I’m also wary of buying one that’s too big and boxy.

meanwhileinawesometown 10. Januar 2019 at 9:46

Hi Yuda, Thanks a lot for your comment. This is a tough question, since I’ve never tried on a Size S myself. I’m 182cm and about 75 kg and I wear a Size M. It works over sweaters as much as it works over a suit for me. I’d say the coats are pretty much true to size. If you usually wear S for coats maybe it will be better to stick to the S here as well since the cut is not very slim or fitted. Hope that helps a bit. Best wishes, Manuel

Yuda 10. April 2019 at 10:53

Thank you very much for your response. I apologise for my late reply — I didn’t receive any notification about your reply. I will take your advice and go for a size S. I will buy it this month, and I will inform you how size S fits me.


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