22. Oktober 2014

There are times in life when we need to make decisions. Decisions that will affect our future and maybe also the future of others. A lot of young people nowadays have fears about their future because they are uncertain about what they wanna do with their lives. The biggest advantage of our generation at the same time seems to become our biggest burden. We have so many opportunities and options, that we always end up doubting what we are doing or what we have at the moment. However, while we won’t be able to avoid being faced with making tough decisions sooner or later, it is entirely up to us how we deal with their outcome. Even though it’s easy to forget about this when we’re under pressure or stressed out, few things in life are definite. Success has many faces and feeling better and confident about yourself starts with abandoning an illusion that our current socio-economic system creates in order to make us become play our part of a never-ending game: the illusion that personal success and giving meaning to your life equals achieving a maximum of economic wealth and work related accomplishments. But true meaning is created by braving the highly diverse challenges life has for all of us without losing ourselves, without forgetting to love and to care about others, in short to preserve the good heart all of us are born with. And as soon as we have internalized this idea, a decision will no longer appear as a burden but rather as a crossroad at which either way will eventually be “right” for us.


SCOTCH & SODA – Bomber Jacket // TOPMAN – Zip Tee // SAMSOE SAMSOE – Stefan Jeans // CLARKS – Ankle Boots







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