26. August 2015



Jacket by BLK DNM | Size M | Shop HERE
Tee by THOKKTHOKK | Size M | Shop HERE
Pants by PROJECT A | Size 30 | Shop HERE
Backpack by RAINS | One Size | Shop HERE
Shoes by SPRINGFIELD | Size 42 | Shop (similar) HERE
Watch by LARSSON & JENNINGS | One Size Shop HERE

Every man’s wardrobe should feature a bunch of premium statement pieces. One that will undoubtly stand out is this feature-rich rocky denim jacket by BLK DNM. The numerous carefully added patches portraying symbols of resistance, solidarity, unity and defiance provide for a strong attitude. Seeing fashion as way to express myself this jacket definitely brings over a certain message. A message to those persistently trying to poison our societies with fear and hate and to those trying to reign over our heads and suffocate our voices. In the light of the numerous crises putting more and more parts of this planet into turmoil as well as the lack of a positive outlook or prospect of a near solution it’s more important than ever to wake up from our apathy and make use of our minds and voices again.

With a strong eyecather like this jacket I recommend keeping the rest of the outfit minimalistic and rather simple. On the pictures I’m wearing my beloved Project A Z2 pants featuring a tailored cut, slim legs and classic rise together with a 100 % organic and fair produced tee from ThokkThokk. Of course for a day out in the city a proper backpack is not only crucial but also a nice accessory.

IMG_6825 IMG_6752 IMG_6690 IMG_6778 IMG_6831 IMG_6769 IMG_6710 IMG_6791 IMG_6738 IMG_6627 IMG_6849

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Michael Meißner 6. September 2015 at 11:39

Der einfache Look, sieht immer wieder klasse aus🇹🇴🇵. Man meint du warst ein Tourist auf Stadtbesichtigung. Großartig.


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