Into the Sunset

27. März 2015


have you ever experienced the beauty and peacefulness of watching a sunset above the roofs of the city? if not you definitely missed out on something. with all the overwhelming impressions of our everyday life sometimes it feels so great to escape for a little while, look at the sky and think. think about what’s good in your life. think about the ones you love. think about things in your life you want to change. ultimately letting all the stress, worries and fears drift away into the sunset. almost sounds a little cheesy. but it works. just try it out yourselves!


TIGER OF SWEDEN camel coat // ZANEROBE bloc tee // ZANEROBE salerno pants // TIGER OF SWEDEN slouchy hoodie // ETQ AMSTERDAM sneakers // ALLSAINTS hat

DSC06954 DSC07007 DSC06944 DSC07029 DSC07063 DSC06998 DSC06975 DSC06950 DSC06959

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