Let’s be Rockstars

25. Juni 2015


Have you ever imagined standing on a stage in front of a crowd going crazy, screaming and cheering for you and the songs you play for them. Back in my teen years and actually until not too long ago, this dream kept following me persistently. And while I made music myself basically throughout my whole youth, writing my own songs, playing in bands or solo, I never quite managed to make the next step. Nevertheless I’d never want to miss the experience of playing in front of a few hundred people some of which actually singing along your own songs, seemingly having a good time. Music always was my favorite form of expression, helping me to get rid of my thoughts, my feelings and ultimately also my demons. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that until today i have always kept a little place inside my heart for that little rock star. And every now and then it breaks out taking me back to my youthful dream.

Quite frankly most of us will never tour the world in rock band or play on festival stages in front of thousands of people. Nevertheless I found out it doesn’t really take all of this to get a little dose of that rockstar feeling after all. With a little bit imagination, the right attitude and the right outfit, we can all feel like little rockstars. This outfit is all about that vibe. The crisp white outfit featuring a slim fit pant, a relaxed oversized tee and a pair of premium sneakers is not only a key look for this summer season. With the sun being reflected by the clean white of your clothes it lets you shine like a little star, immediately catching people’s attention. On top it just had to be my beloved vintage leather biker jacket, which together with the hat further emphasizes the rockstar vibes. Get on this look, remember your adolescent dreams and rock the streets of your city like a pro.


H&M pants  //  H&M tee  //  H&M hat  //  ETQ AMSTERDAM sneakers  //  VINTAGE leather biker jacket  //  M.COHEN bracelet  //  LARSSON & JENNINGS watch












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