Modern Grunge Style

9. Dezember 2015


The Modern Grunge Style

When bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam started the Grunge-Hype in the early ninetees, they would probably have never imagined a movement widely referring to itself as anti-establishment would ever have a big influence on fashion. However, it is probably exactly this sort of rebellious touch that makes alternative movements like Grunge, Rock & Roll or Punkrock so attractive for the fashion industry. A little more than 20 years later the Hype around the Grunge scene has calmed down quite significantly, however the worn out and edgy style that came with it prevailed and still influences contemporary fashion. Although I never really got into Grunge as a music-genre I always loved to have a slightly rugged note in my way of dressing.

However, when aiming for a modern grunge style you definitely want to make it look slightly edgy and raw but you have to be careful to not exaggurate as otherwise it will just look run down. I started out with a pair of ripped denims to create a heavily used look. A great match for this kind of style is this rad, super lightweight, custom tie-dye short sleeve shirt by Aussie streetwear brand THE PEOPLE VS. It features an ultra-soft vintage wash which provides the ideal feel for the hot summer days we currently get over here. Coming with longer arm length it allows you to roll the sleeve to emphasize the grungy look. The white sneakers in this outfit create a nice contrast and prevent the look from looking too sleazy. Add some nice accessories and show some love for details. After all, make sure to have that rock attitude on point when hitting the streets. A great outfit for an easy-going hangout in the park, a comfy wekend afternoon coffee or going to a rock concert with your buddies.

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Michael Meißner 10. Dezember 2015 at 15:26

Großartiges Styling in alter Kulisse, bis auf die zerrisse Hose finde ich dein Styling wieder klasse. 💫🌟💫💯🙌🙌🙌


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