Old School

21. Juli 2015


Tee by NO TOMORROW | Size Medium | Shop HERE
Shorts by TOPMAN | Size 32 | Shop HERE
Hat by ALLSAINTS | Size Medium/Large | Shop HERE
Socks by AMERICAN APPAREL | Size 9-11 | Shop HERE
Shades by RAY BAN | One Size | Shop HERE
Sneakers by CONVERSE | Size 42 (EU) | Shop HERE

When I was younger I hung out a lot at concerts and festivals with the older kids. Our way of dressing at that time resembled our attitude. We didn’t want to float with the current. We didn’t want to be a part of mainstream culture and we prided ourselves in not surrendering to the ideas of the establishment. Even though views on certain things can change when growing up, being critical and reflecting on the status quo is a virtue we should all preserve and never forget. Dwelling in nostalgia about my younger days this outfit is inspired by the rebellious heart of youth which will always remain a part of me. It combines features of progressive urban streetwear and old-school punkrock and is thus a great look for the festival season. The floral back print of this tee by the aspiring Melbourne-based streetwear brand NO TOMORROW is a true eyecatcher and goes nicely with the ripped skinny shorts, the old-school calf socks and a pair of worn out chucks. The outfit is completed by the timeless fedora adding the ultimate dose of rock’n’roll extravaganza. So, “hey ho, let’s go!”

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