Visiting Zanerobe

7. Dezember 2015


Visiting Zanerobe HQ

People often ask me what my favorite brand is. One name that I would definitely put on that list is Sydney-based men’s streetwear brand ZANEROBE. Being a loyal Zanerobe-enthusiast for years now I had the pleasure to visit these legends at their HQ here in Sydney and see where they do their magic. I also got to choose my three favorite looks from their latest collection Fracture, which dropped in November and once again took the brand’s development to a whole new level.


1. Easy-to-Wear

My first pick is this minimalist casual look featuring a navy longsleeve with white stripes and Zanerobe’s newly introduced cyamo chino. Combining light beige bottoms with a navy top always looks fantastically neat. The stripes add a nice contemporary twist spicing up the outfit with a sort of nautical touch. A pair of crisp white Adidas Superstars rounds off this classy yet sporty leisure style. A versatile easy to wear look suitable for almost any occasion. Rock it for hanging out with friends in the city, going for a nice weekend brunch or some drinks at night.

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2. Tailored


My second choice features some of Zanerobe’s recently introduced rather tailored styles. This outfit features the extremely versatile and sharp looking High Street Chinos in Charcoal and the new elongated tuck-collar shirt. Autumnal colors provide for a cool touch of elegance. A great look for going out or occasions requiring a slightly more dapper attire. Style this outfit with a pair of white sneaks to add a fresh and sporty note.

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3. Street



My last outfit-selection finally features a classy tailored chino with with a plain white longsleeve and the a light weight button up spray jacket. To highlight the minimalist urban street vibe of this outfit I decided to stick to a Mono colorway. Wear this for a day out on the streets of your city. Perfect for the sometimes volatile fall/spring weather.

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My visit to Zanerobe HQ was definitely one of the highlights of my time here in Australia and it was so nice to meet and hang out a bit with all these inspiring, creative and pretty awesome lads. Seeing how this company is run and the people behind it gives you a pretty good idea why Zanerobe was always so much more than just a brand. Throughout its impressive success story Zanerobe has always been much more a movement bringing together like minded people with a passion for streetwear, travel, contemporary aestetics and great tunes from all around the world.

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