Flannel Days

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In less than a week ZANEROBE is going to drop their new season „SALVATION“. Although already super stoked about the new release, i’m still madly in love with the current season’s signature pieces. In this post i’d like to introduce to you an absolute must-have this winter season: a flannel check shirt. My personal recommendation is ZANEROBE’s 7-foot flanno. Slightly elongated length, a super soft garment and an awesome check pattern make this one a true wardrobe staple. I like wearing mine with preferably black drop crotch pants. Nonetheless flannel shirts are really versatile and easy to combine with all different kinds of […]

The Dane

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Since i spend approximately 50 hours a week in an office daylight, sun and fresh air is a rare and precious good for me. Sunday walks seem like a perfect way to end the week in a recreative and refreshing way. So the other week me and my girl, who by the way has an incredibly cool and useful BLOG, roamed the streets of vienna and took these awesome shots. Below’s look features mostly SAMSOE & SAMSOE styles. With scandinavian brands simplicity is key. The crucial element in this outfit is SAMSOE & SAMSOE’s super cosy and comfortable champion knit. I […]


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  Among the uncountable streetwear brands out there at the moment there is definitely one that stands out. time and time again ZANEROBE show with their new seasons that they are more than just a fashion brand following current trends. Their latest strokes of genius: the all white gridlock jumper and the stingray dropshots. absolutely obsessed with this look at the moment. I’M WEARING ZANEROBE gridlock jumper  //  ZANEROBE stingray dropshots  //  ZANEROBE flintlock longsleeve  //  CONVERSE chucks  //  ASOS backpack  //  ZANEROBE 500 club ring  //  M.COHEN anchor bracelet


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„Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.“(Henry David Thoreau) These simple and inspiring words of one of my favorite great thinkers are exactly what we have to remind ourselves on when experiencing doubts about our future. Giving in to disillusion will never solve any problems and ultimately lead to frustration. Growing up does not mean we have to bury our dreams. Last week i seized the few sunny hours we get here in vienna during winter to rock this awesome look out of […]

2015 – Happy New Year Everyone

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  2014 was an interesting year that brought change to my life. I’m thankful for every happy moment i enjoyed as well as for the challenges that helped me to grow as a person. When talking about a new year of course one will think about new year resolutions as well. Although i don’t necessarily think that new year resolutions are very useful of course the start into a new period of life offers everyone a chance to make the best out of it and resolutions can help with that – given that you take them seriously. No matter what your resolutions are […]