17. November 2015



Tee by NO TOMORROW | Size Medium | Shop HERE
Jeans by ZARA | Size 31 | Shop HERE
Shoes by BEYENE | Size 42 | Shop HERE
Watch by KAPTEN & SON | One Size | Shop HERE
Hoodie by TIGER OF SWEDEN | Size Medium | Shop HERE

Probably one of the reasons why I felt comfortable in this black and white print tee right away was that it took me back to my youth when I used to hang out at concerts every other week collecting band shirts with the sickest prints as a hobby. Especially back prints are currently seeing a revival in contemporary streetwear. The ripped skinny jeans are matching the rough vibe of the look perfectly. For the colder days add an elongated hoodie to create a slightly darker mood.

IMG_7361 IMG_7397 IMG_7495 IMG_7306 IMG_7427 IMG_7440 IMG_7267 IMG_7408 IMG_7335 IMG_7380 IMG_7218

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1 comment

Michael Meißner 19. November 2015 at 1:49

Also Manuel,
was soll ich schreiben?
Mit diesem Outfit hast du dich wieder einmal selbst übertroffen. Das T-Shirt sieht einfach spitze aus und die Schuhe sind der Hammer.
Würde sagen, rundum voll gelungen. 🌟🇹🇴🇵🌟


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