6. Februar 2015

“we learned more from a 3-minute record than we ever learned in school”

a quote symbolic for large parts of my youth. the boss could not have said it any better. i just realized that i spent way too less time consciously listening to music the last couple of months. and to be honest i really really miss it. throughout all the joys, troubles, stress, fears, emotions and impressions music has always kept me in the balance. No matter whether i made it myself or i just sat there imagining a certain story to the songs i listened to if i think back to my youth every moment is connected to a certain song and with it to a certain mood. through good and hard times music has always been a great and important companion to me.

Found this outfit when cleaning up my closet the other day. Made me realize i should wear denim more often. Simple, casual, comfortable and cool. Just make sure to find matching shades of blue and there’s not much you can do wrong. With a closet full of mostly slim and skinny jeans i hardly ever get to wear these actually quite awesome tapered brewer jeans by SCOTCH & SODA. For the look below i decided to go with a slightly elongated tops, creating a little contrast with the bomber jacket.


SCOTCH & SODA amsterdam blauw brewer jeans  //  REVIEW jeans shirt  //  SCOTCH & SODA bomber jacket //  SWEAR LONDON leather boots  //  ASOS backpack










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