Sporty Chic

30. November 2015



Blazer by ZARA | Size 48 | Shop (similar) HERE
Tee by SON OF A TAILOR | Tailored | Shop HERE
Trousers by OSCAR JACOBSON | Size 48 | Shop HERE
Sneakers by ETQ | Size 42 | Shop HERE
Watch by KAPTEN & SON | One Size | Shop HERE
Wallet by OPPERMANN | One Size | Shop HERE

A perfect setting like this one definitely calls for an outstanding outfit. You probably know by now that it’s generally not my style to overdo my outfits. I find pleasure in simplicity. A plain tee, classic cropped chinos and a pair of high-end sneakers come together in this timeless look defined by minimalist aesthetics. This sporty chic style is a bullet-proof choice for pretty much any occasion. For more formal events throw over a slim fit blazer and you’re good to go. While the chinos and the blazer stand for a more classic line the crisp blue tee and sneakers add a youthful and fresh note.

With classic outfits like this one details and accessories matter a lot. You see me wearing my all time favorite watch by KAPTEN & SON which happens to match perfectly with my new Oppermann London wallet which I particularly like because it’s not as bulky as usual wallets. It’s basically reduced down to hold the essentials which is great for people like me who don’t like carrying or paying in cash. With it’s classy full leather design this is not only a handy wallet but also a nice accessory for men.

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Michael Meißner 30. November 2015 at 17:10

Whoow, super!!!
Großartiges Outfit vor noch großartiger Kulisse.


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