Sunny Savior

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  Just stop for a moment. Close your eyes. Enjoy the warm and soothing sun on your face and feel how it slowly wraps you into its protecting cocoon. And only for a short moment it feels as if everything was alright. No worries, no responsibilities, no fears, no stress. Only light and positivity, keeping all of our personal demons at a safe distance. Sometimes little things can bring the greatest joy. This look stands for waking up after a long winter’s sleep. The deep blue denim creates a great contrast to the clean white of my new beloved ETQ’s and my ZANEROBE sweater. Further the white […]

The Cosmopolitan

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keeping an open mind and heart to the ideas of others is crucial to evolve as a person. it contributes to broadening the mind and strengthens the character. i’ve met people from all around this planet and though there will always be different cultural and intellectual approaches to different matters, at the end of the day i’ve always experienced that deep down in our hearts we all strive for quite similar things. i think it would be inexcusably stupid to let our fears of the unknown make us ignorant and blind to the beauty of diversity.  if we’re honest with ourselves we all have some sorts of prejudices. but […]

Poolside Etiquette

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Remember that awesome aussie streetwear brand i’ve told you about just recently? Well guess what, i can’t get enough of it. With a fantastically sunny start to the week i’m already in a real summer mood. So let me present you a cool yet chic spring/summer look you may want to consider as the ideal beach/garden/pool party outfit. I’M WEARING BARNEY COOLS shirt  //  BARNEY COOLS muscle tank  //  BARNEY COOLS jogger chinos  //  NIKE roshe run sneakers All Pics taken by my buddy Stefan Joham (  

Stockholm Style Syndrome

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stockholm. capital of scandinavia. venice of the north. my second home. a city oozing with creativity and innovation. the city’s beauty is only topped by its inhabitants. i’ve always been a huge admirer of scandinavian style. though shot in vienna, the outfit below represents a typical casual stockholm-look. no matter whether you’re out to explore the hip concept stores and coffee shops of södermalm or go for a couple of drinks at the fancy bars and club at stureplan this look will not let you down. simple yet stylish, relaxed but also raw. an urban style for the audacious young gent. I’M WEARING H&M bomber jacket  //  TIGER OF SWEDEN […]


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Besides sun, beautiful beaches, surfing, relaxed lifestyle, kangaroos and cool people Australia also has to offer a remarkable fashion industry, with internationally well known and much appreciated brands like Zanerobe or Lapse. However, the newest member of the Australian streetwear family that i think deserves the attention of streetwear enthusiasts around the world is BARNEY COOLS. Founded by Zanerobe’s creative director Nat Taubman, Barney Cools picks up the image of laid back surfer life and combines it with contemporary urban fashion elements. Its first collection Poolside Etiquette has dropped a couple of weeks ago and has Taubman’s handwriting all over it. Summer-inspired prints meet […]


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„we learned more from a 3-minute record than we ever learned in school“ a quote symbolic for large parts of my youth. the boss could not have said it any better. i just realized that i spent way too less time consciously listening to music the last couple of months. and to be honest i really really miss it. throughout all the joys, troubles, stress, fears, emotions and impressions music has always kept me in the balance. No matter whether i made it myself or i just sat there imagining a certain story to the songs i listened to if i think back to […]

Capsule Black

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black is the new black. an undeniable truth. no other color makes it that easy to look good and is that uncomplicated to combine. ignoring the cold (and my girlfriend’s dislike for short-sleeve sweaters) in yearning anticipation of the warmer time of the year i went out the explore some new neighborhoods of my hometown vienna in this awesome all black streetwear outfit. i admit the hat and i are just getting familiar, but our mutual appreciation is constantly growing. in this combo i thought it matched surprisingly well with the short-sleeved hoodie. this is yet another reason to love black, it gives […]