Lights & Levitations with Rob Mulally

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LIGHTS AND LEVITATIONS WITH ROB MULALLY A couple of weeks ago I accidentily bumped into a group of people when I was leaving a party in Sydney. As it turns out two of these people were Sydney-based photographer, visual artist and Instagram Veteran ROB MULALLY. Besides being an extremely nice guy and inspiring personality Rob is almost like a magician behind the camera. Thus you can probably imagine how excited I was when he offered to shoot some pics for my blog. During our little photography session we played with light and also tried out some levitations. The result was an […]

New Years Outfit

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New Years Outfit It’s holiday season and the end of the year is coming closer at full speed. As I know how nerve-wrecking it can be to figure out what to wear for New Years Eve, I put together some suggestions that will hopefully help you to get your New Years Outfit 2015 sorted in time. For New Years I always like to go for a slightly more dapper look, as I think special occasions require outstanding styling. However, at the same time it’s important to me to never look too conservative or square as this just doesn’t go well […]

Christmas Blues

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Christmas Blues Only one week left until Christmas, and the holiday preparations are starting to get a little hectic. For me Christmas will be quite different this year. Instead of Austrian winter wonderland and a cosy family feist I will be spending Christmas Eve having a romantic dinner with my girl Sophiehearts at a beachside hotel located in Australia’s summer paradise, the Whitsunday Islands. So instead of wearing my beloved christmas sweater I’ll be rocking up to the party in a slightly more summerly look this year. Once again I teamed up with Target Australia to present you an Aussie-lifestyle-inspired […]

NEUW Denim

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NEUW Denim I feel like I really need to step up my denim game here. There’s a couple of good reasons denim’s been around for more than a century. It’s durable, it’s comfortable, it’s down to earth and it never goes out of style. Get a pair of good quality jeans with a nice wash and you’ll have them for ages. They age with you and the aging will give them a unique character. Actually they might even get cooler with time. NEUW Denim Now you’ll probably ask yourself with the ridiculous amount of jeans manufacturers on the market nowadays […]

Modern Grunge Style

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The Modern Grunge Style When bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam started the Grunge-Hype in the early ninetees, they would probably have never imagined a movement widely referring to itself as anti-establishment would ever have a big influence on fashion. However, it is probably exactly this sort of rebellious touch that makes alternative movements like Grunge, Rock & Roll or Punkrock so attractive for the fashion industry. A little more than 20 years later the Hype around the Grunge scene has calmed down quite significantly, however the worn out and edgy style that came with it prevailed and still influences […]

Visiting Zanerobe

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Visiting Zanerobe HQ People often ask me what my favorite brand is. One name that I would definitely put on that list is Sydney-based men’s streetwear brand ZANEROBE. Being a loyal Zanerobe-enthusiast for years now I had the pleasure to visit these legends at their HQ here in Sydney and see where they do their magic. I also got to choose my three favorite looks from their latest collection Fracture, which dropped in November and once again took the brand’s development to a whole new level. ____________________________________________ 1. Easy-to-Wear My first pick is this minimalist casual look featuring a navy […]

Tropical White

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TROPICAL WHITE Since 1st of December it’s officially summer down here in Australia and with the new season of course fresh prints and light colors are making a big comeback. Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that during (European) summer I was a big fan of all white outfits this year, so I’m quite happy I can get my white gear back out and rock it in this TROPICAL WHITE outfit. I admit that this tee by NO TOMORROW is quite special but the djungle backprint definitely sticks out and freshens up the outfit. At the […]

Meanwhile in Sydney – The Streets of Barangaroo

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The Streets of Barangaroo Last weekend I went to explore Barangaroo Reserve at the north-western tip of Sydney’s Central Business District. While Barangaroo used to be a container wharf, over the recent years it has been transformed into a re-imagined Sydney Harbour headleand. Although many parts of this neighbourhood are still under construction, you can already see the transformation of this part of the city is turning out really well. Barangaroo convinces with modern architecture situated in a nice harbour atmosphere rich of stylish restaurants, bars and heaps of nice spots to relax and just enjoy the view. Whether you […]

Christmas Gifts for Guys – Part I

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It’s christmas time again and like every year, finding the right presents can be such a hastle. Of course we all know Christmas is rather about spending time with our loved ones but on the other hand neither of us mind getting a little surprise present. To ease things up and avoid disappointments I’m gonna put together some christmas gift tipps for you throughout the next four weeks. So girls listen up! Here are some Christmas Gifts for Guys the BF will certainly be happy about finding under the christmas tree:   CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR GUYS Let’s start with accessories! They are usually easier […]