3. Juli 2015



Tee by ZANEROBE | Size SMALL | shop HERE
Shorts by ZANEROBE | Size 30 | shop HERE
Sneakers by ETQ | Size 42 (EU) | shop HERE
Watch by LARSSON & JENNINGS | One Size | shop HERE
Shades by RAY BAN | One Size | shop HERE

It might not be obvious but this post tells a love story. A couple of years back this distinctive tee caught my attention when randomly surfing the internet. Of course I immediately ordered it together with a jogger pant which at that time appeared to me both rather innovative yet also a bit daring. However it turned out the brand behind this gear were real streetwear pioneers and formed the spearhead of a just emerging hype. Ever since then this brand with it’s strong youthful attitude combined with innovative and cool designs had won me over and season for season has never let me down. Now people often say that brands don’t matter. And to some extent I do agree. Showing off social status by shopping excessively expensive luxury brands that at the end of the day make you look like an abused advertisment pillar may be a lot of things but certainly not cool. Nevertheless there are brands out there that not only make clothes but rather create movements. These brands manage to inspire people and encourage them to define their own style making it less about showing off and rather about identifying with a certain attitude or vibe. And in such way I think brand enthusiasm is absolutely legitimate.









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