Easy Going

4. November 2015



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As we all know northern hemisphere autumn means southern hemisphere spring. Living in Sydney for the moment I’ll therefore try to keep sort a balance. For all of you northerners the more summerly posts may still be a nice throwback to the warmer days of the year. So this time I have the pleasure to take you to the world-famous Bondi Beach. Even if you’re not into surfing or even going for a swim, this is just an amazingly awesome place to hang out. The vibe, the people, the myth. It all comes together to make this place so special.

Just like Aussie-lifestyle my outfit this time is rather easy going. When out for a stroll at the beach in the evening it can get quite windy at times which is why I chose to bring my jacket. As it turned out this was a fantastic idea also from a styling perspective as it gives the outfit a little more edge. The core of the outfit is certainly the awesome print-tee from Melbourne-based brand NO TOMORROW‘s recently dropped Festival-season. The old-school prints took me right back to my younger days as a punk-rock-kid, hanging out at concerts and festivals. Accordingly I just had to get out my white sport socks once more. And yes, I still think they’re pretty cool (if combined the right way and worn with confidence)! Add a pair of cool shorts and a reverse cap and you’ve got a cool Festival look.











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