How to style jogger pants this winter

13. Dezember 2018
Werbung wegen Markennennung

Karl Lagerfeld once said people who wear sweatpants lost control of their life. But then he also said, that models who don’t like being groped should go and join a nunnery. So I’d say: Fuck what Karl Lagerfeld says! Wear what you want as long as it feels good!

Especially when it gets cold and ugly outside, we all feel like wearing something comfy & cozy. We all know the days when sporting a jogger out on the street just feels too tempting. But how do you style jogger pants as a grown up man without looking like a wannabe gangsta rapper from the nineties?

3 Tips on how to style jogger pants this winter

  1. Not all jogger pants are alike. Make sure to choose a pair of joggers that fits your style. With the sportswear hype in fashion over the last seasons, many brands have picked up the jogger fit and have come forward with their own interpretations of what was once an iconic streetwear piece of clothing. Today we get to choose, do we go for a classic sports inspired jogger from Adidas originals or are we aiming for something a little less casual and go for the jogger pant / trouser hybrid. My tip is, go for something a little more grown up! Look for a Jogger that you can also wear with something more elegant. Look for high quality fabrics and extraordinary fits. My go-to jogger pant for winter 2018 is this pair of oversized premium sweatpants from AMI. The classy forest green makes for an elegant touch and is a great choice of color for fall and winter. It’s subtle, classy and easy to combine.
  2. Mix up different styles, aim for balance. Who said you can’t wear joggers with more classy garments. Find the right balance between leisure and elegance. If you don’t want to look like a hoodlum go for something more sophisticated. In winter 2018 style the jogger pant of your choice with a chunky turtle neck. Throw over a clean-lined wool jacket and you’re all sorted. On the pictures I’m wearing an oversized wool jacket from Urban Outfitters which goes perfectly with the oversized track pants and adds a certain something to the look. The houndstooth pattern provides for a touch of retro-chic.
  3. Pay attention to details. You’ve already got the perfect jogger pants, you already picked the perfect Sweater and jacket to wear with it. Now it’s time to get the details right. What comes to mind first, is the right pair of shoes. Joggers originate in streetwear. Thus, the obvious choice of shoes is a pair of sneakers. Again, my advice is to pick something classy but cool. Joggers are a statement by themselves so you don’t need to exaggerate. Therefore a pair of classy white leather trainers won’t let you down. Want to add another eye-catcher? Pick leather sneakers with a strap closure. As for accessories, my signature red beanie works very well with the overall style of the look. A classy watch and some nice rings will round off the outfit well!

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