22. August 2015



T-Shirt by THOKKTHOKK | Size Medium | Shop HERE
Jeans by SAMSOE & SAMSOE | Size 30 | Shop HERE
Bomber Jacket by SCOTCH & SODA | Size Medium | Shop HERE
Sneakers by CONVERSE | Size 42 | Shop HERE

Zig-zag, up and down, just like a roller coaster. As last saturday was my birthday I took this occasion to look back on my life a bit. Without going further into detail I realized the past 27 years have been full of breath taking highs but unfortunately also some shattering lows. I think it is recklessly naive to think the only way there is, is up. On the other hand I’ve experienced that even the hardest times come to an end eventually. I guess what I’ve learned from these experiences is to really appreciate and enjoy good times and moments of happiness as I know they most likely won’t last forever. However, at the same time I try to be aware that there are people, maybe even close to us, currently going through hard times or suffering and maybe there’s something I could do to improve their situation. Ultimately and most difficultly, whenever I feel like breaking having lost sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, I try to remember myself that at some point even the most miserable situation will come to an end and in what ever kind of way everything will be good.

This outfit is yet another nordic street style defined by the coolness of simplicity. The zig-zag print tee by ThokkThokk is certainly attracting attention and also looks great shining out from underneath a clean lined jacket like my light weight bomber. The cool thing about this tee is, that it is fair trade certified and made of 100% organic cotton. With a range of fresh prints and classy basics ThokkThokk sets the perfect example that fair fashion can be innovative and cool. Sweeping away all stereotypes about this industry ThokkThokk’s clothes offer superior quality fabrics, modern fabrics and last but not least a good conscience for customers. On top of that the prices are really moderate. Make sure to check out their whole range HERE.

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Michael Meißner 22. August 2015 at 13:57

Das ist ja mal wieder ein klasse Freizeit-Look. Das schwarz-weiße T-Shirt sieht Spitze aus. Wieder tolle Fotos.👌💥👍💯🔝🔝🔝


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