may i introduce to you…mrs. awesome

11. Oktober 2013

hejhej from stockholm everyone!

i know it’s been a while and i’m really sorry for letting you wait so long for an update but i’m sure after this post you will understand why i wasn’t able to keep in touch that much the last week. but before we start…i feel it’s about time you get to know me a little better. not too long ago this beautiful creature entered into my life…

<3 <3[/caption] ...and it's hard to find a way to make this sound not cheesy...but well let's just say never in my life i have felt like i did for the last three months. so say hello to the lady who stole awesome's heart making him the happiest guy on earth day by day ever girl, sophie a.k.a. the lovely miss hearts.

but like everything in life nothing good ever comes without a challenge. and so about one month ago the two of us went on an university exchange for one semester. sounds good right? well it is. kind of. but it can also be pretty tough every now and then cause while i’m on mission spreading-awesomeness-in-scandinavia here in stockholm she’s more than 1000 km away indulging moscow with her unique style and gorgeousness. and as helpful as skype, whatsapp, viber and whatever else there is to cure our communication-seeking hearts might be after some time it’s just normal to start missing one another pretty badly. so after six weeks of physical separation last weekend finally the time had come. after an incredibly nerve-stealing procedure of applying for a visa, a huge jump over my own shadow and prejudices and hours of organization and figuring out how we could make this happen i went to moscow for what turned out to be an unbelievably wonderful couple weekend with my girl…i’ll hit you up with some of the impressions of our quality time soon!



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