24. August 2015



Tee by NANA JUDY | Size Medium | Shop (soon) HERE
Ripped Joggers by NANA JUDY | Size 30 | Shop HERE
Shades by KOMONO | One Size | Shop HERE
Sneakers by CONVERSE | 42 | Shop HERE
Bracelet by NIMA ATELIER | One Size | Shop HERE

My second feature on NANA JUDY‘s new IMPAVID collection introduces a more dynamic and playful side with super rad ripped denim joggers combined with one of my favorite tees from the current range. I just love the blurred ocean print and the asymmetric block structure on this one. Depending on how tight you like the fit of your pants I suggest either going a size up from your normal pants size for a more baggy style on the joggers or one size down to get the skinny fit look like on the pictures. To style up a casual look I always like to add some details and set some colorful accents.
Alright, all set now. Ready for takeoff! Have a good start into your week!

IMG_6357 IMG_6342 IMG_6334 IMG_6231 IMG_6344 IMG_6338 IMG_6317 IMG_6199 IMG_6404

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Michael Meißner 25. August 2015 at 19:10

Hey Manuel,
das sieht ja wieder mal klasse aus.
Das T-Shirt, die Hose und die Umgebung alles top.. Damit setzt du mal wieder ein Fashion-Zeichen 🔝🔝🔝🙌🙌🙌


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