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BLK DNM Leather Jacket – The Sophisticated Biker Look

4. Oktober 2016

Blk Dnm Leather Jacket Outfit Class with Edge APC Paris T-Shirt Samsoe Samsoe Suit Pants Meanwhile in Awesometown Austrian Mens Fashion Blogger 14

Outfit: BLK DNM Leather Jacket – A classy yet edgy way to wear biker jackets in 2016

May I introduce to you, one of my most beloved wardrobe key styles, the BLK DNM leather jacket. Over recent years leather jackets have developed into a real must-have for every modern man. Unfortunately their emergence within the world of mainstream fashion has also unrooted the leather jacket from its anti-establishment and rock’n’roll origins. As a result, we see way to many examples of how to not wear biker jackets at the moment. While I think biker jackets are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, it feels as if a lot of people try to follow one single misguided ideal they saw on Instagram accounts with bought likes and followers.

The Sophisticated Biker Look featuring a BLK DNM Leather Jacket

Therefore, for all of you who are fed up with these copy & paste styles here’s how you rock a leather jacket style in 2016. Classy yet edgy, sophisticated but raw:

  1. First of all, the most important thing is the leather jacket. On the pictures I’m wearing a BLK DNM Leather Jacket with a slightly worn-off optic. When it comes to wardrobe essentials like leather jackets I think a little investment definitely pays off. The purpose of jackets like these is to age with you and over time develop an individual character. With my BLK DNM leather jacket I think I’ve definitely invested in a piece of clothing, that will accompany me a long time and that I will also love to wear in 5 to 10 years.
  2. Furthermore, please guys, you don’t always have to pair biker jackets with ripped skinny jeans or a jogger pant. For a more grown-up and sophisticated style I recommend combining your leather jacket with some nice trousers instead. Also here, narrower is not always better. Go for a classic straight or loose fit for a cutting-edge high-fashion look.
  3. If you’ve seen enough of longline tees, I suggest to pick a simple tee that fits you well and wear it tucked into the pants. This will emphasize a sharp style and provide a contemporary fashionable look.
  4. It’s perfectly ok to pair a look like this with a pair of sneakers. I recommend a pair of classy white leather sneakers since they combine elegance and sportiness and work well with almost any outfit.
  5. Once you’ve put together the main parts of your look, round it off with some cool accessories. The time where the only accessory a man was allowed to wear was a watch are over. A nice bracelet, cuff or some chunky rings add some edge to your look and also work well with the rocky leather jacket.
  6. Finally, if you’re looking for other ways to style leather jackets, check out my further outfit inspirations HERE, HERE & HERE.

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