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29. Juni 2016

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

My Creative Workspace: A Blogger’s Homeoffice

While I’m frequently sharing the outcome of my creative work with you, I rarely offer insights into the process of putting together a blog post including my personal creative workspace. So this post is all about showing you my workplace as a self-employed blogger. Upfront I have to admit, that although I try to keep my desk as tidy as possible, things can get quite chaotic at times.

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

Lover of the Light

When I furnished my room I immediately knew where to put my work corner. Located right at the window, I get quite a lot of light, although my apartment is only at the 1st floor facing the inner courtyard. To me light is essential, not only for taking pictures but also to my mood. I think there’s nothing more tiring and uninspiring than a dark work environment and desks facing a plain wall.

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

My main working tool apart from my camera of course is my laptop, on which I generate most of the texts for the blog, edit pictures, maintain my website and preferably also reply to my emails. To keep an overview over my schedule for the week, I really like using a physical appointment calendar. I spend so much time working on my laptop and phone, it really feels somewhat refreshing organizing my schedule and appointments in an old-school, non-digital way.

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016
Of course my phone is my second main working tool. Wether I use it for taking snaps on the go, feeding my instagram, editing pictures with vsco, or simply staying in touch with other people, I have to admit, my smartphone has become one of the most used items I own. Whether this is a good or bad thing is anyone’s guess, but the fact is, that Life as a blogger is hard to imagine without it. Last but not least, if you go through my Instagram feed, you’ll find plenty of flatlay looking somewhat like this. Due to its immediate proximity to the window, my desk gets a lot of natural light which makes it one of my favorite spots for taking top-down fotos of collages, etc. Also the clean white table top works pretty well for these kind of pictures.

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

The Coffeelover: Creating my Individual Coffee with Qbo

As some of you might have already noticed I’m a pretty big coffee enthusiast. I didn’t drink any coffee until I was about 20 years old but when I started my first office job, the addiction was on it’s way. Today a good cup of coffee is a fixed component of my daily routine. Nevertheless, mainly for health reasons and because I have a quite sensitive stomach, I try to restrain myself to a maximum of 2 cups of coffee a day. My partner in crime here is my new Qbo smart coffee system, which allows me to create my individual favorite coffee through a pretty cool app. From there I can easily send it to the machine which, using a sustainable capsule system, will then start brewing my coffee just the way I like it. From Espresso, over Cappuccino to Iced Coffee this system really plays all tricks.

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

If I had to choose one coffee favorite, it would probably be a double espresso macchiato since it comes with a strong and pure taste of coffee, gives me a proper energy boost and is ultimately topped of with just a little bit of froth for the ultimate coffee indulgence. However, during the warmer time of the year I also love myself a good iced macchiato.

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

Keep A Cool Head With My Qbo Coffee Iced Macchiato Recipe

My personal Iced Macchiato recipe starts with putting ice cubes into the coffee glass. Then I use the app to create the coffee mix. I usually slightly more coffee than for a single espresso and select a good amount of cold froth. If you like to give your Iced Macchiato a more milky note, just add a dash of milk on the bottom. Once I’m done individualizing my coffee I send it to my Qbo Machine…

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

… which then does the rest of the job for me. Always good to keep a cool head on these hot days.

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

Fun fact about me: I love wearing jewellery and cool accessories but I just don’t like typing with all that metal on my wrist and fingers. So if I really sit down to get some work done, I always take off all my accessories, which is why you actually really find them lying around on my desk like this while I’m working,

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

Every coffee creation has it’s own favorite capsule offering just the right intensity and flavor.

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

At the windowsill just behind my desk I usually stash quite a lot of stuff. I always keep a bunch of magazines there, since I find it quite useful to read a couple of lines before I start writing every now and then. In the left corner you see a little memory from my time in Sydney, the “Humans of Newtown” publication, which contains little portraits and statements of people from the vibrant, diverse, inspiring and creative neighborhood I was lucky to call my home in Sydney.

Maximilian Salzer Fotografie 2016

Links & Credits

Coffee System – Qbo Coffee
Laptop – Apple Macbook Air 13″
Laptop Case – Rains
Jewellery – Carpe Diem Jewellery
Watch – Kapten & Son
Camera – Canon EOS 70D
Stationery – Jot It Down
Book – Humans of Newtown
Pinapple – Absolut Elyx
Headphones – Skullcandy
Magazines – Vangardist & Lola
Afterwork Beer – Nixe Bier
Desk, Lamp & Chair – Ikea

*All Pics by Maximilian Salzer.
*In friendly cooperation with Qbo Coffee.

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Valentina 29. Juni 2016 at 10:53

eine kaffeemaschine auf meinem schreibtisch wär für mich der tod! haha würde locker 10 am tag runterkippen 😀

meanwhileinawesometown 9. Juli 2016 at 16:07

Haha ich verstehe, was du meinst. Muss mich auch immer wieder zurückhalten. Andererseits muss man halt nicht immer erst in die Küche laufen, was auch mal angenehm sein kann. 😉


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