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8. September 2013

I feel like it’s time for a lesson in musical awesomeness. Yesterday, September 7th 2013, the highly anticipated new record of canada’s sickest music export ever was released and is stuck on repeat on my spotify since then. And no girls we’re not talking about Justin Bieber here. Yet if little Justin already makes you dream things you wouldn’t want to share at a family dinner this record will take your mind to places you would have never even dared to dream about.

What I’m talking about here is THE WEEKND’s new record “KISS LAND”. Two years the world had to wait for this little piece of musical brilliance and now it’s finally here. I won’t write a lengthy ode to describe my admiration of THE WEEKND’S musical work here. Just check the links below and find out yourself.

So guys if you were looking for the perfect record to spin when making love to you’re beautiful ladies, “KISS LAND” will do the trick for you. And girls be careful, cause this record will give you exactly the feeling you sought after when feeling like having one of your horny-look-playing-bad-girl-nights.

Sitting in a dorm room more than 1000km away from the girl this record makes me think about, I just wanna lean back now, turn up the volume and finish this off with a quote from THE WEEKEND’s album-title giving song KISS LAND: “Go ‘head girl, strip it down, close your mouth, I just wanna hear your body talk.”

‘Nuff said. I Included my favorite song from the new record. See the links below. Go check it out. ATTENTION: if you’ve just returned from nymphomania-rehab, i’d recommend to consult you’re doctor before listening!

Listen to The Weeknd – “Kiss Land” on Spotify

The Weeknd – Official Homepage


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