Riverside Sunsets

25. Januar 2016


Outfit: Street Chic

This is another example of that street chic style I love to sport lately. Smart, young, cool and creative it brings together urban street style with a slightly classier attire. This outfit combines four in my opinion crucial attributes for good style. Minimalist elegance meets an audacious rocky twist. The hat emphasizes the image of the creative mind, the musician, the artist, raw but vulnerable, confident but sensitive.

Location: River Yarra, Melbourne

We took these pictures during my visit to Melbourne, which quickly became one of my favorite cities in the world. That one night we were on the lookout for a nice restaurant and decided to just stroll along the banks of Yarra river to eventually pop into one of the many restaurants there. We were already quite hungry (probably more like borderline hangry)   and exhausted of a long day of exploring the city. However when we arrived at the river the sun was just about to set and the light was purely magical, almost a bit corny. To cut a long story short. I jumped, the missus took a picture, and as we looked at the result we knew our dinner had to wait another half an hour or so. The shoot went surprisingly smoothly, given that I was already starving (which usually turns me into sort of a ticking time bomb)Im and in the end I’m glad we seized the opportunity as I’m pretty happy with how the pics turned out. Credits to my lovely and at the time as well slightly hangry photographer Sophiehearts.com.


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Michael Meißner 25. Januar 2016 at 23:20

Da hat deine Sophie aber perfekte Arbeit geleistet. Eine tolle Location, beste Lichtverhältnisse und ein klasse, sportlich und doch elegantes Styling. Wenn man dann die Bilder so betrachtet, möchte man sofort in den Flieger steigen. Nochmals ein dickes Kompliment an Sophie und natürlich auch an dich, denn ohne so ein klasse Model keine so hervorragenden Aufnahme. An euch beiden von mir:
👍 😉 🙌 🙌 🙌


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